Ola You-man! First of all, I would like to thank you for spending a fraction of your mortal time checking out my pixie tails. I mean, pixie tales.

The digital nymphs, sprites, all the magical ‘crawlers’ in this pixie ground are delighted by your presence. Don’t forget to look around.

Seek and you shall see. Dig and you shall find beneath mountains of pixie dust… a FREEBIE!

This virtual clearing breathes pixie tales in and out through its virtual folios. A twenty two year old pixie, so young and winged with passion for all things creative, “flies” this digital documentary of her articulated musings and what-nots both in the form of text and images. She truly enjoys the company of Photoshop and values every blank second (dreamy eyes to the ceiling, mouth ajar) where she can follow the train of her creative thoughts to grasp the clear illustration of what seem to be her vague ideas have always been trying to complete.
And she is and will always be forever grateful for the love and grace of God. She is His beloved princess.
She is your resident digital pixie.
Her name is Keisee.