Blog Hopping 101


In the blogging industry, every one has his or her own blogging journey. Our archives will show how much we have grown for the past years or months we have been sharing our creative thoughts with people all around the world.

Along the way, we have acquired knowledge of different blogging styles, thus, changes have been always constant.

It is no different for me.

My fledgling blog, as I call it, has started in Tumblr. I started blogging or “reblogging” rather 9 years ago, when I was still in high school. As I went along, I was motivated by the awesome style bloggers I have followed to upgrade my blogging style. So I ditched reblogging mainly photos of others to creating my own content.

I also found my passion for creating themes, so aside from blogging, theme making has also kept me busy in Tumblr. The blogging site has been a huge part of my life. I have been with Tumblr since the very beginning of my blogging years, but change happens as always.

I thought of trying out Blogspot since some of my friends have been using it. But I was not able to keep it active. Customizing themes has become one of my major passions in life. And I cannot just seem to do it in Blogspot.

And again, I went back to Tumblr. I tried to maintain another personal blog and fortunately, my follow community grew. I was still in college back then, so my real life activities have always sidetracked me. I could just not maintain a blog. And whenever I wanted to go back blogging, I always had a great idea of changing platforms.

So, from Tumblr to Blogspot, then back to Tumblr, then to Blogspot again.

Two years ago, I tried WordPress. But impatience got the best of me. I did not know how to start gaining an audience here. So, I went back to Tumblr.

However, I have been reading blogs last year, DIY, crafts, and stuff. And those have motivated me to start blogging. FOR REAL.

I googled the best blogging platform and hosting site. And WordPress always tops the list. So, I went back to my old WordPress blog, not to start blogging, but to get to know my way around.

This year, a Visibility Strategist/Coach has hired me. She’s using WordPress and the amazing features I have yet to discover more have really inspired me to refresh my blogging journey.

Aside from that, I exposed myself to checking out dreamy DIY, Style, Artsy blogs. And that’s when the full blast of motivation hit me.

I am into creative design. Sketching is my hobby and I can say that I am an amateur artist. And this passion I have tried to put to sleep is now awake. I really want to share my art and to improve it day by day. Artsy ideas are now overflowing my mind and I even planned a collab soon with an even more creative friend.

Also, I will take out my sewing machine again that has been in its cage piling up dust since last year, and start racking up ideas. So basically, I aim to overflow this blog with creative stuff to share to everyone.

And this blogging journey with WordPress is something I truly look forward to. Good thing my patience level has greatly improved over the years.

My old blogs will still be visible in the web, though, most especially Tumblr. They have been a huge part of my blogging catalyst and Tumblr is something I am very sentimental about in the blogging sense.

So, that has been my Blog Hopping 101 that led me to where I am now onward.

What about you? Have you been blog hopping too? Where has your fledgling blog started? Leave some comments below and share your blogging journey with me.

Talk to you soon,




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