Oh My Creative High!


My my my! Are you that type of person who would not go to sleep if you haven’t finished something yet? Especially something you love doing?

Well, that is exactly me. Both hands raised.

I have mentioned before that I will be doing more artsy stuff this year. So, I guess I got pretty much excited about this.

Since lurking in creative sites like A Prettier Web, my motivation level sky-rocketed to 200%.

I went out a day ago and bought some cheap art supplies which I don’t own yet like a watercolor set. My hands were itching to finally start making my own hand-drawn graphics and converting them into digital.

I have been awake for almost 24 hours because my creative high kept me busy.

Without further ado, here are some of the graphics I have made which I am so excited to show you.

Click the photo for full preview

I really can’t wait to discover more artsy techniques and add more creative pieces to my portfolio.

To see my latest artworks, follow me on Instagram: @pixiefeats

Want to share your thoughts? Comment below. Thanks for reading!

See you soon,



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