SOON: Using VSCO In Maintaining An Instagram Feed


As you can see, I am managing more than one Instagram account. As a Social Media Manager, these are only some of the accounts I manage. BUT it is with pleaaasure I do it.

I know some of you can relate how therapeutic it is to take some snaps, edit them according to the desired theme, then see how perfect they fit the grid.

I am not alone, right? Am I?

Well, that is the feeling managing Instagram gives me.

Anyway, the Pixie Feats Instagram account has only been created recently, so the follower count is still small. But I have high hopes for it.

Also, soon I will be sharing some of my favorite filters used to maintain each account on the collage above including the adjustment options that I usually tweak. It will be detailed.

I am someone who appreciates everything and when it comes to photos, I like a LOOOT of photo editing styles. So I cannot just settle on one Instagram account because I usually use different filters for different types of shots (for different types of moods).

No worries. I will explain this on the VSCO post soon since this basic knowledge is relevant in maintaining a feed too.

I usually like bright photos BUT  I also “usually” like dark ones with a dramatic or cinematic effect.

So… I think I can totally relate to this “Split” meme. (lol)


It’s quite detailed, so my next post might not yet be about this one. But it’s pretty much in the works already.


  • you feel the same way about liking a lot of filters
  • looking at them overpower each other in your Instagram grid just somehow upsets you
  • you constantly think of ways on how to make transitions from one theme to another
  • you want to hear about how I do it, maintaining my galleries

THEN, do watch out for this post coming up soon. LET’S SHARE SOME INSTAGRAM SECRETS.

Also, if you want to check out some of my accounts, here are the links:

Let me know your thoughts. Talk to you soon. Thanks for reading! xo




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