SOON: Using VSCO In Maintaining An Instagram Feed


As you can see, I am managing more than one Instagram account. As a Social Media Manager, these are only some of the accounts I manage. BUT it is with pleaaasure I do it.

I know some of you can relate how therapeutic it is to take some snaps, edit them according to the desired theme, then see how perfect they fit the grid.

I am not alone, right? Am I?

Well, that is the feeling managing Instagram gives me.

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How To Put A Gold Foil Texture Inside The Text Using Photoshop (With Visual Guide)


Gold-foiled text is a huge trend right now especially in Instagram. It is mostly used by those who love maintaining their galleries that can be best described as classy, dainty or chic (like mine  *wink wink*).

So, if you are tired of reposting from others and want to whip up your own typography featuring a gold-foiled text, you have come to the right place.

I have tried to explain the steps as clear as I can, so you will find it very easy to follow.

We will be using Photoshop as it is the easiest (well, the only) way I know of fulfilling this tutorial.

Let’s now open it up, so we can ‘slytherin’  and concoct some magical gold-foiled typography. (*Forgive the pun. I just can’t help myself*)

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Blog Hopping 101


In the blogging industry, every one has his or her own blogging journey. Our archives will show how much we have grown for the past years or months we have been sharing our creative thoughts with people all around the world.

Along the way, we have acquired knowledge of different blogging styles, thus, changes have been always constant.

It is no different for me.

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But First… Freebie!

Starting this blog right with a snazzy freebie for you. Whoopee!

I whipped up a two-page monthly printable planner with a dash of pixie dust and class. There are sections where you can write your Top Priorities and Prayer List for the month. Also, each day has its corresponding space for your daily notes or reminders.

How to use this?

The file is in PDF format so you can definitely have the pages printed easily. I suggest you use a high quality paper. And you can start tapping on your creative nerves to bind the pages the way you want it.

I am so excited for what this year has in store for Pixie Feats. Also, I am definitely looking forward to pursuing an awesome collaboration with my amazing and artsy friend which is already in the works.

The freebie does not end here. I will be whipping up some more. The monthly printable planners will be uploaded every last week of the month.

Since Pixie Feats is soon collaborating with an amazing creative head, you definitely do not want to miss out the goodies that we are going to give away very soon. So, make sure to stay tuned with our freebie and creativity upgrades.

See you soon? xx